Let me create a unique piece for you ….

My prices start around £40 for a small slate which can be personalised with a house number for example.

The cost would be decided and agreed before the work was started and will very much depend on materials used and size of piece. I would keep you up to date on how the design was progressing before committing to glue!!

I am happy to discuss any ideas you have to make a one off gift for yourself or someone else ,whether it be a wall hanging, a table, a mirror, house sign or garden ornament.

I love to use the pique assiette technique which involves chopping up china and this cuts down the cost as well as enabling you to supply pieces for me to use which may be of sentimental value to you.

Look through my gallery and see which of my pieces appeal to you , look at colours and styles and we can discuss making something completely unique. My animals and flowers are usually stylised . I can do sensible or random, calm or chaotic.. Just tell me what you like and I will try to incorporate as many of your ideas as I can into the piece..

Previous requests have ranged from designs incorporating anything from bees to boats, otters to blue tractors and ballerinas, from cockerels and moles to thistles, from yellow flowers to dancing dolphins ,crossword puzzles and words from the Proclaimers … the list is endless and I embrace each idea in my own quirky style!!!

Its great fun for me to work with your ideas and by the time the piece is finished I usually feel as if I have made a real connection with the recipient.

On top of the cost of making the piece, I would charge you for postage or courier delivery. This cost should be taken into account from the outset unless you are able to pick the piece up.



 "Words cannot express how I feel on receiving your lovely gift. Did
not know anyone could love me that much."


"She thinks it is absolutely beautiful and was really touched at the work and obvious care that went into it"


"They are absolutely fab, my sister's one made me feel quite emotional... think it was seeing how pretty it was, the children and grandchildren names "

"Just wanted to say how thrilled we are with Harry's memorial... from use of the blue glass to reflect his Bristol roots, the beautifully blended colours, the little bones, the flowers and finally the gorgeous bee, particularly as we are beekeepers! You have captured the essence of harry perfectly and produced a wonderfully fitting memorial for him. We will treasure it as we treasured him....."