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I HAVE.......




















"Absolutely amazing work. your garden is beautiful and cute dog"

"... inspired by your glass work and love your garden"

" Awesome. Recycling at its best"

"It was the best tour ever" Sam

"Love your vision.."

"Wonderful ,colourful experience walking round your creative garden."

"What a find.! Unique art and  wonderful ,interesting lady"

"Overwhelmed.. Fantastic...."

"Margaret, you are a wonder woman! creativity at every turn!"

"I am so glad I came at last to  see this magical place... "

"....wonderful & delightfully quirky, inventive."

" thank you for a fun, productive and inspiring 2 days...."

"... thank you for a great experience and igniting my creative spark. I really enjoyed doing my yacht mosaic and your enthusiasm was infectious......" Fiona Odger

" Overwhelmed by all the amazing ideas"

"My gast is flabbered by Maggie's garden and by Maggie herself. Beauty without and within!

"Looking at my china in a different light now. Maggie puts her heart and soul into her work and her garden is a showcase for her work" Jan

"Wonderful, an inspiration"

"Just magical"

"What an amazing talent Maggie.... "

"Really inventive and colourful garden and work"

"Words can't express how beautiful Maggie's work is . Such a wonderful lady and a garden full of gorgeous treasures."

"No words can describe Maggie's work. It is absolutely awesome just like herself. experience of a lifetime"

"Wonderful garden and studio.matched by Maggie's enthusiasm...."

"Most fabulous surrounds. full of talent & so much fun! More than worth all the hard work."

"Fantastic rubbish"

"Amazing. Its like being in a wonderland!"

" A brilliant ,joyful display and a lovely arm welcome. thank you." Jinty

"It really is a wonderland. I love it!

"So, so inspiring"

"... never seen anything like it before ..."

"Brilliant. Inspirational"

"Fantastic garden and displays"

"Really quite something. Inspirational use of rubbish!"

"... it was fab!"

" Absolutely super. The garden is a delight"

" Fantastic, Gets better every time we visit."

" Thank goodness - a grown up with so much fun!"

" Love it ,love it , love it. Been every year"

"....very inspirational"

" Fabulous"


"... very inspiring and a joy to look at..."

"... absolutely amazing talent..."

"...an amazing place and a lovely artistic lady. Brilliant" Jess

"... almost impossible to put into words how i have been moved by being here. Maggie has brought inanimate things to life!"Peter

"grate fun!!!!"

"..thank you for 2 wonderful mosaic sessions which have really whetted our appetite for more! great fun!...."The Sand Bothy Balmedie

" Fabulous, Fabulous, Fabulous. Could spend all day in your amazing garden and spend a fortune in your workshop !xx" Steve and Caroline

".. for somebody who didn't believe they were creative at all.. I seem to have produced a masterpiece! All thanks to Maggie- Great weekend . Thanks so much.xx" Carmel 

"... Thank you Maggie. Lovely, happy, relaxing time...."

" ...had a great 2 days.! Lots of laughs and learned a lot!..."

"Thanks Maggie. Went from anxious to inspired in 8 hours!"

"Great fun over 2 days and something to display at home. really pushing boundaries with that hedgehog!"

"Loved having ideas come to life. Lots of fun and nice having some Me time.Soup was fab! "

"... such a therapeutic, calming day, smashing crockery then making it into something unique and special.We made it a family occasion which made it extra special..."

"what a wonderful weekend. You made it such a lovely experience. Wow. What fun . The 3d side to mosaicing is marvellous. Many thanks to a lovely woman and a great bacon butty husband!" Linda

"....the finished article took my breath away.it looks fabulous. I'm singing your praises to anyone and everyone..."

"Most excellent weekend. Can't wait to do more. Maggie, you inspire and educate in a wonderful way.."

"... brilliant weekend. so much fun! Never knew I could be so creative. Will be back....!!"

" A most wonderful experience.. so amazing and calming.. just the place to come to ease a sore heart."

" What an interesting garden. Loved it."

"Beautiful, inspiring work from a lovely lady"

... so quirky. Totally love Maggie's work"

" a beautiful, happy garden."

" a beautiful, joyful garden."

"An inspirational wonderland in a glorious setting!"

".... oasis of hidden treasures..."

"Absolutely  fab and inspiring ,so creative and full of joy."

"...lots of colour to brighten up a cold grey day...."

Once again I've been blown away with Maggie's imagination. Wonderful, fabulous lady."

 "I love this place"

You are amazing Maggie .Thank you."

"As fabulous as ever. The garden and its works are an absolute delight.."


".... me too!"

"lost for words"

" wow!"

"beautiful peaceful place..."


"I smiled all the way round!"

" A true, original artist" 

" Amazing- where do you look first?"

" Gaudi of Aboyne !"

"  ... brought a smile to my face"

"Mind boggling"

"Fantastic in every way."

"Amazing.What an imagination."

        "Fantastic place. Full of charm".

"Something unexpected in every corner"


"Fairy tale world. Love it all."

 "...just never get tired of discovering this amazing garden........"

" Beautiful place which put a smile on our faces. Thank  you "

"What an amazing garden. Your work is just incredible. Thank you for your wonderful guided tour. I think my garden is going to have some mirrors added to it !"

" amazingly creative..."


" an amazing garden. A treasure trove of myriad objects"

"...so colourful and creative..." 


"Maggie, you have been so generous with your time and skill, not to mention materials! Its been great fun." Bess

"What fun.Thank you for helping me find my inner child Maggie. I thought she was lost forever"

"Two days of eye opening magic! Fabulous fun and enjoyment with a lovely enthusiastic lady(Daisy) and Maggie too!!!  Def coming back for more." Liz and Phyl.xx

"Thanks so much Maggie. A great workshop. So much to learn and great fun. Totally inspirational. Can I really do that? I'll try!!"... Val.

"Maggie, you are inspirational. Thanks for making me see things differently. Can't wait to do more..." Mel

"A big thank you Maggie. What a great 2 days we had .. great fun, great company, great food and going home with wonderful art and inspiration." ..Erika

"A workshop with a difference. Really enjoyable and productive  in the company of lovely Maggie. We'll be back for more." Lynette.

"....thank you so so so so so so much for a fantastic  two days of creativity, fun, enjoyment laughter , delicious food and all out inspiration.. I love my fox....." Donna.

"The past 2 days were fabulous. Many thanks Maggie. Will definitely be back"..Marjory


" Most enjoyable.. Jean Grampian 50 +

Enjoyed your class...Margaret Grampian 50 +

Very enjoyable. Loved it ..Mabel Grampian 50 +

 I can see my flower!!! ..Mary Grampian 50+

A wonderful afternoon doing something completely different....Barbara. Grampian 50+

Great fun, made lots of mess, sticky fingers & no cuts. I'm hooked "....Lynne Grampian 50+ 

"Two fantastic days. Maggie helped me produce 2 beautiful slates.. one with bright, cheerful flowers and one with  a seaside theme and the number 2 . I had such a great time and would highly recommend Maggie's workshop". Carole.xx

....lovely warm hostess Maggie. Very intuitive to my needs. Very therapeutic. Great quirky garden. lots of sparkles. Nice memories and a beautiful celtic cross on slate to take home. Will be back to this wicked sweetie shop....."Sheila

" Fantastically creative 2 days. Thanks for all your help and inspiration" Joanne xxx 


"Wow, What can you say, it's really beautiful, nice, bright and cheerful. thanks a lot!"


"Arty" Jane & Kirsty Matheson, Kintore


"Fantastic, Amazing! Very Interactive, thanks a lot"


"Exiting to see what is possible, thanks for your time"


"Everything makes me smile, thanks"


"Thank you for a very enthusiastic visit, so creative!" Brenda Briggs, Alford


"Most amazing NEOS visit. I am truly inspired" Lynette Phillips, Cults Aberdeen


"I am hooked! Thank you so much for a fun and awesome introduction to mosaics - I'll be back next year & definitely do more with you." Gail 


"Maggie you are amazing. Thank you for sharing your talent and time. An amazing 2 days" - Isla


"What a lovely garden. Really Enjoyed looking round, it really makes you smile. Really Unique!


"So original and inspirational. Marvellous work in such a beautiful setting"


"Brilliant fun as usual!!"


" An inspiration! Lovely to see work in an outdoor setting"




"Exciting to see what is possible - Thanks for your time"


"Found it great fun to work with Maggie" - Gordon



"Had a great 2 days .. Maggie was a great teacher..." Sheila



"Lovely way to spend time, creative and fun. Maggie is very generous with her knowledge and her enthusiasm is infectious" -  Linda



"... lots of fun and laughter. Great fun putting together our mosaics..."- Aileen and Graham



"Fantastic day! Workshop was amazing and so much beautiful work. Can't wait to come back" -Kirstin



" Marvellous  weekend, lots of fantastic ides and suggestions..." Jeanne



"Had a fantastic time. Loved it. Maggie is a great teacher ... I hope to make more and I'm not throwing anything out"- Rosie



"Loved the workshop. We all came away with a beautiful piece "we did" and can cherish in the future. .. loved the scones and soup too" -Betty



" Brilliant tuition and fun " -Marty



"What a wonderful way to spend time with my children....can't wait to do it again.."- Ellie



"Thanks Maggie . I have had so much fun and learned so much. Can't wait to try some more at home."



"Lovely place, lots of cuppas & easy atmosphere. Lots was learned and achieved. Thank you again.." Milena



"Great fun. Achieved a lot more than I thought & was well fed by Maggie... she was very patient too! Thanks very much "- Annie



"Inspiring, really enjoyable and a great teacher"- Averil



".....like walking into a Mad hatter's Tea Party!"- Scott



"I'm lost in your dream world and wish I was inside your head. What a wonderful imagination & fantastic hands"- Dee



"I'm definitely coming back... so wonderful."- Katy



"What an amazing workshop and garden"- Anne 



"Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful and inspirational work"- Anne Smith



"Most amazing NEOS visit. I am inspired by the imagination"-. Lynette Phillips, Cults



"Magical place,magical lady, magical rubbish"- Pat Green



"What an amazing lady- great experience... A MUST SEE"- John and Angie, East Yorkshire



"Amazing. Recycling taken to another level "- Erika Gill, Aberdeen



"Joyous; life affirming; magnificent- just blown away Maggie"- Mary and Tony Pryke. 



"A fabulous show.. a real cornucopia and really inspirational." Alison Bell, Finzean



"Fabulous creations. I am inspired to look at my rubbish in a different way."


"Your garden is an enchanted wonderland of delights. Thank you so much for such a relaxing, inspiring and creative couple of days with you. I'll be back ! " - Jane Bingham,Beechgrove Garden



"Fabbie" -Shona 


"Thanks for your "patience" and being so much fun too. We have loved our time with you "- Jackie, Jill and Morag.


"A revelation in the woods!" -Sheila, Aboyne


"The most amazing inspirational and unique work I have ever seen. How well the plants and mosaics blend together "- Margaret Taylor


"Cannot find the right words.. an absolutely magical place... peaceful, like sitting in a comfortable armchair"


"Loved seeing all your work. very interesting as well as beautiful."


"Mind explosion, amazing. Hope to come back and spend a while"- Lesley Bruce


"I need to stay a week"- Sheila


"Something new and superb. Art wherever you look". Graham and Aileen ,Newmachar


"Such a quirky special place" Emily , Dunecht


"Eye opener" Lynsey Gibb


"Really inspiring.like stepping into a magical world!" - Liz Griffin


"Mad, crazy and amazing"


"Inspired and very envious."- Anne, Poolewe


"Amazing ,thank you.Sensory overload in a wonderful way"- Shirelle Young


 "So original and inspiring.. marvellous work in such a beautiful setting" Nora Allan. 



"Glad to see the Rubbish fairy has been assisting"- Charlie


"Just wanted to say thank you sooo much for the mirror.. fantastic, imaginative, all the colours I love and so skillfully produced. Christine , Midmar.









-£10 HOUR to come and work in studio with me and get me to show, help, inspire and develop your own ideas.
You can work on 2d pieces, eg on slate or wooden substrates, or on 3d pieces, eg vases, spheres, sculptures, towers… the possibilities are endless…for outdoors and indoors… tables, mirrors, house signs, bird houses, wall hangings, garden ornaments etc
If you want to work with glass, then you can bring your own, or I can supply you.  I have an endless supply of bottle glass which is free, or stained glass for which I would charge. I will show you how to cut up bottles to make stems and leaves and how to cut bits of odd coloured glass to make petals and random shapes.
If you want to do glass melting, I will charge £10 to fire kiln. There are 3 shelves so you can pack it with as much small glass as you can. Bottles take up a lot of space. Kiln takes about 5 hours to heat and cool down enough to open, so don’t expect to use melted pieces on same day.
 I will charge a minimal amount to use my materials- adhesives, grouts, tiles, glass etc, but wouldn't charge for my "rubbish”.
-Bring your own shards and glass to melt, china and ornaments to chop and I'll show you how to use tile saw etc. Bring your own substrates if you wish, but I have a huge stash!
I will try to be really flexible and hopefully this is an arrangement I can use with all my more confident, experienced and returning students.
I will always be there to supervise, help and advise , but I want you to have the best time developing your own ideas